Sex and Drugs

Sex and drugs always appears like a hot topic in media and in almost all social circles, nevertheless the reality on the situation is sex and drugs can cause serious, lifelong consequences to individuals who take part in such behaviors simultaneously. There are invariably inherent risks regarding drug abuse, and unfortunately in addition there are serious risks associated with sex. This is true of every behavior independently, and it’s a significantly exacerbated truth if your two are combined.

Some people might state that sex and drugs “feel good” together, and then for some this may be temporarily true. However, the fact on the matter is this suggestion involves using drugs – a substantial moral, health insurance and legal dilemma in the United States. Additionally, most drugs of abuse are highly addictive, posing an important problem for the forseeable future and extended sexual health on the addict.

Ultimately, when substance abuse leads to addiction and sex is involved, the already inherent perils associated with both actions are greatly amplified, and may have lifelong consequences for those who do these behaviors. This can include unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, rape and sexual assault, prostitution along with other violent crimes. If you’re making love and you use a drug problem, well then, your at serious risk and may take immediate action to obtain help now. Sexuality is a lot too important of your human function to risk damaging permanently.

Libido – the Primary Impact of Sex and Drugs

Think using drugs will improve your libido? Think again.

One on the most common misconceptions about sex and drugs is the fact that a person’s libido might be increased by abusing various substances. While this could be true of certain supplements and drugs, it isn’t at all true of street drugs – including ecstasy. (Ecstasy deserves special mention because a lot of people see it like a sex-enhancing drug, but the effects generally wear off quite quickly leaving the user tired of sex or incompetent at performing or achieving orgasm.) There are three primary reasons that drugs negatively affect an individual’s libido:

1.) Emotional Distress as well as other Substance Abuse Related Stress

When occasional drug use or drinking results in addiction, sex is virtually always affected. People with drug or drinking problems often have trouible with emotional disorders including depression or bipolar. While drug use appears to be allow methods to self-medicate, this process only worsens pre-existing conditions. Additionally, because substance abuse has moral, professional and legal taboos related to it, there exists a great deal of stress linked to using drugs.

Because stress decreases the standard person’s libido, it’s perfectly logical to debate that drug and alcohol abuse will swiftly have a negative impact on human sexuality.

2.) Drug Seeking and Using is Exhausting, Time Consuming Behavior

Most those people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol spend a tremendous portion of their time – perhaps almost all their time – finding drugs, actively using, hiding their drug use, and generating income (often illegally) to be able to support their habit. All of this is very time consuming, and unless the drug user’s partner is usually using drugs, a large number of behaviors will necessarily must occur from any non-using partner. And because drug use itself is so exhausting and often contributes to “passing out,” the ability and wish to have sex can be significantly decreased.

3.) Physical Effects of Drugs can Cause Sexual Problems

Some drugs cause physical issues that may make it tough or impossible to possess sex. This may be something as benign for being unable to achieve erection as being a result of having a drink, into a complete deficiency of physical sensation, for some other serious problems like pulmonary distress related to use of opiates, or paranoia/fear connected with marijuana use. Severe issues genuinely can allow it to become impossible to perform normally from your sexual standpoint.

Sex and Drugs Lead to High Risk Sexual Behavior

Addiction and alcoholism tend to be breeding grounds for dangerous sexual behaviors

Just attend any AA or NA meeting, and you may hear countless problem reports related to sex and drugs. Because the drive for sex ‘s almost as powerful within a non-addicted person since the drive for drugs in certain drug abusers, both the behaviors could mix with damaging consequences including:

*Unwanted Pregnancies

Lowered inhibitions like a result of drug or irresponsible drinking often coincide with reckless sexual selection, like the replacement for not employ a condom or another contraceptive. And when females who are endlaved by drugs fall pregnant, the one that suffers probably the most is often the baby. This is evidenced by research studies that babies born enslaved by drugs have skyrocketed in the United States during the last several years. This is because many girls that are addicts will not seek out prenatal care and instead carry on using drugs in their medically-unassisted pregnancy. Ultimately, women in this case who successfully carry their babies to term (they generally don’t) placed their child susceptible to being born addicted.

In many cases, babies born hooked on drugs are removed from their mother and put in state care. Mothers can face criminal charges which could result in years behind bars.

*Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Sexually transmitted diseases spread rapidly through addict and drug abuser communities. Lowered inhibitions, desperation, unsanitary conditions plus more can lead to a setting where drug users are considerably more prone to contract an STD than people who tend not to use drugs and still have sex. And because many STDs are incurable, even one occasion of mixing sex and drugs or sex and alcohol can lead to some lifetime of medical complications.


Drug addiction is costly. Many addicts spiral into a hole created whenever they exhaust their savings, sell their belongings then begin stealing from others so as to support their habit. But for a number of people, these actions either aren’t a solution, or there’s nobody left of their lives to steal from. This makes it much too easy to choose prostitution so that you can continue to purchase and make use of drugs.

Prostitution also has an naturally increased rate of transmission of STD, unwanted pregnancies and sexual and drug related crimes.

Sex, Drugs and Violence

It happens. A lot.

When people mix sex and drugs or sex and alcohol, things often go terribly wrong. While this may very well be any with the things discussed earlier, it may also be many violent sexual acts or behaviors. This is especially true for addicts who take part in promiscuity or prostitution so that you can feed their drug addictions.

People who use prescription medication is much more vulnerable to rape and sexual assault. Because prescription medication is involved, it’s all to easy to become incapacitated and taken selling point of. And being a result from the illegal nature of medicine, many victims are way too scared to report the crime simply because they fear repercussions themselves. Additionally, it comes with an unfortunate tendency legally enforcement as well as others to discount or dismiss reports of sexual crimes against drug addicts or alcoholics.

In numerous cases the sexual damage from your rape or another sexually-related assault can present complications for decades – or maybe permanently. This is important for current drug abusers to think about, because they problems are very likely to still be present even after they’ve stopped using drugs and achieved sobriety.

Sexual assault and sexual violence against drug users isn’t gender specific – both ladies and men become promiscuous, practice prostitution and maybe become the victims of sexual attacks. If medicines are involved, the hazards are always considerably more significant.

Long Term Consequences of Sex and Drugs

If you embark on these behaviors, you may affect your libido for life

When you are looking at sex and drugs, the hazards simply usually do not justify what vague benefits can be purchased to people so that you can continue this sort of lifestyle. In effect, a person could ruin their reproductive health permanently – even though they only used drugs for just a short time. The following are a few most prominent lasting consequences of sex and drug use:

1.) Disease

Sexually transmitted diseases like Herpes, Hepatitis and AIDS are not cured. Addicts who contract these diseases will likely be forced to handle them through-out their lives. This is a critical consideration for those who are addicted now and make saying that “1 day” they’ll quit. That one day may very well be one day far too late.

2.) Injury

Sexual assault as well as other sexual violence can lead to permanent injuries that could impact an individual’s sexuality.

3.) Sexual Disconnection

Years of abusing drugs and sex may desensitize someone to the point that sex while sober isn’t appealing anymore. Additionally, sexual trauma and other bad experiences during active drug use periods might cause severe emotional damage that can make it hard to get a person to be close to another person inside a healthy sexual manner.

4.) Loss of an Important Relationship

Promiscuity, prostitution and infidelity during active drug use can result in the loss of a crucial romantic and sexual relationship that you could not be able to repair after you have become sober. Additionally, drug use alone is usually enough to finish a relationship, if you have someone that you simply care about now and you are obviously still using drugs, perhaps you need to stop, prior to deciding to lose them…

Don’t let drug use and addiction ruin your romantic endeavors. Call the quantity below for the immediate, confidential consultation about restoring the total amount in your life and beating addiction or alcoholism once along with all. Call us now or click this link to speak to a specialist about a alcohol and drugs detox program now.

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