Lahey Hospital Offers Tips For Protecting Your Health

Everyone needs to do all they can to protect their health so they can avoid diseases that diminish their life expectancy. It is imperative a person sees their doctor as often as recommended so any health concerns can be found before they become major issues. Lahey Hospital & Medical Center is dedicated to helping their patients achieve optimal health. With these tips, health issues can be kept at bay so individuals can live healthy lives.

  • Diet plays a vital role in protecting a person’s health. Eating a wide variety of healthy fruits and vegetables is important for optimal health. When the body is given the right nutrients, it will be able to function normally. A lack of nutrients will lead to functional concerns and can cause disease. Without the proper nutrients, the immune system cannot fight off disease like it should so a person can end up becoming ill.
  • Exercise is also an important part of any healthy lifestyle. Moving the body makes it stronger and promotes a healthy circulatory system. Exercise strengthens the heart and helps to prevent heart disease and high blood pressure. Those who suffer from these health concerns can benefit from regular exercise, at least several times a week. Any activity that increases the heart rate and makes a person move can be considered exercise.
  • Immunizations are important for preventing a variety of diseases. It is wise for a person to see their doctor once a year to make sure all of their immunizations are up to date. Immunizations help to prevent Shingles, Pneumonia, the Flu, and other diseases.
  • If a person is overweight, it is vital they do all they can to lose their excess pounds. Those who are overweight are more prone to developing comorbidities such Diabetes, Heart Disease, and some types of Cancer.

These tips will help individuals to protect their health. Lahey Hospital & Medical Center invites the community to stop in and learn about the many health services they offer. They provide a wide array of health services to help protect their patients’ health. Call them today if you would like to schedule an appointment. Learn more when you visit

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