How Laser Tattoo Removal Works

Laser tattoo removal is the most advanced technique for getting rid of unwanted images. Other methods focus on removing the ink by treating the skin. Acid is used to peel off layers of skin until the tattoo is eliminated. Dermabrasion consists of scrubbing the layers of skin away using salt. Those methods have a high risk of scarring or infection. The Laser Tattoo Removal Process is less invasive to the skin, safer, and more effective on deeper and darker tattoos. Pulses of energy at different wavelengths enter the skin and break up the ink. In smaller particles, the ink disperses and is eliminated from the body naturally by the immune system.

The risk of scarring or blistering is minimal because short pulses are administered over one area at a time. Pain is addressed with a topical anesthesia, and any swelling will only last a few days. Treatments are completed at intervals of at least four weeks to allow the body time to flush out the ink little by little. There are several factors that contribute to the process. Success is based on the size of the tattoo and the colors used, the thickness of the ink, how well the body digests the ink, and behaviors of those undergoing treatment. Most tattoos can be removed completely using the laser removal method.

People having treatments can expedite the process through their habits and behaviors. Smoking, for example, constricts the blood vessels and will make the disbursement process more difficult. It is recommended that smokers stop smoking a few weeks before beginning laser removal treatments. Exercise will increase the blood flow and increasing water intake will facilitate the ability to flush out the ink particles. A healthy diet is also important to support the immune system. During treatments the immune system will be working at eliminating the ink as well as protecting the body from illness, so boosting that system will make the whole process easier on the body and faster to complete.

No one has to live with a tattoo they no longer enjoy. Get a free online consultation to discuss pricing, a custom treatment plan, and payment options. Financing is available, some discounts may apply to the situation, and people can pay as they go rather than covering total costs all at once.

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