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Amazing Facts About Salt Lamps

Nearly ten years ago, salt lamps were being purchased as souvenirs from various souvenirs shops all over Poland. Few people knew about salt lamps back then. Nevertheless, people find these rocks amazing these days.

Salt lamps are crystalline rock salt in nature and can be curved into any form you want so that it leaves a hollow space in which you can place a source of life. The rock is well-known for its warm and sweet glow with soothing effects.

Today, salt lamps are useful in making night lights together with standard lamps. Furthermore, some health food stores, and spas use them regularly. They offer relaxed atmosphere that enhances creativity and promotes deep meditation.
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It is believed that the soothing experience is brought about by lowered humidity levels when humidity in the air mixes with the salt. The primary purpose of such lamps is therefore for aesthetic purposes.
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Salt lamps are also bactericidal as they kill floating bacteria, thus help in cleansing the air.

Salt lamps can also neutralize smoke near TVs and decrease radiations. The salt rock will attract the pollutants and dirt all the time the lamp is being used.

The mechanisms behind this is that the crystal releases negative charges which then attract the pollutants in the air.

Salt stones also have therapeutic effects against skin allergies. Various factors such as age related conditions, stress, chemicals and other diseases are known to cause skin allergies. High magnesium and bromine contents found in the salt rock are known to carry these therapeutic effects.

Salt crystals can be helpful in maintaining healthy teeth. Using this salt crystal will make your teeth and gum strong and freshens your mouth

These salts can also lessen stressed, tiredness, insomnia, arthritis, muscle aches, muscle spasms, acnes, mental fatigue.

The physiological benefits of salt crystals include alleviating the sinus, lessening asthma and hay fever, propagating concentration levels, expanding lung volumes, improving immune system, refining alertness and treating the migraine headache.

Placing a salt crystal near your child, you will have helped detoxify the air that is much needed by the baby for growth.

Your drinking water should contain salt crystals. These salts will always have direct impact on our digestive system, nervous system and muscle too.

Safety precaution are pretty simple. Salt lamps are packaged in wooden box that arrests melted salts during its us. This packaging will also protect the salt lamp against any damage. You may need to clean your salt lamp periodically by using a soft damp linen, the dry one.

Purchasing a salt lamp depends on the size of the crystal you want. Since salts lamps are affordable, people are now buying them frequently to fashion their homes.

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